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Our Company

N. Kesisoglou S.A. is widely recognized as one of the leading companies in Greece dealing with imports, commerce and distribution of motorcycle spare parts and accessories, both in domestic and international market.

Years of specialized knowledge and experience in the industry have enabled us to offer to our customers motorcycle spare parts of the highest quality at the best prices.

The company was established in 1973 by the founder and current Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Nikolaos I. Kesisoglou, importing tires and tubes for mopeds from European and Far East markets.

In 1985 following 12 years of steady growth, the company becomes N. Kesisoglou & Co L.P. and begins importing spare parts for all popular Japanese motorcycles.

The year 1996 proves to be a milestone in the company’s history. The commencing of construction of privately-owned buildings in downtown Athens combined with the company’s transformation to an S.A. marks the beginning of the company’s most successful era since it’s inception in 1973.

In 2002 the company’s expansion culminates to the completion and housing of the business in a state-of-the art seven (7) floor privately-owned building.

In 2004 Mr. Ilias N. Kesisoglou is voted Vice-Chairman and CEO by the B.O.D.

The range of the products we offer, is continuously extending as the company is on a non stop research of the market needs.

The enormous response and the confidence from our customers makes N. Kesisoglou S.A. a pioneer in its field. This unique success and dynamic progression is a result of the vision, the strategy, the international perception, the flexibility, the in-depth knowledge of the market paired with a highly trained workforce fulfil the highest standards.

The founding stone in our philosophy, is our commitment to building strong long-term relationships with our customers.

Our goal is to actively contribute to the growth and development of our customer’s business in order to maintain and augment our leading position in the market.

N. Kesisoglou S.A. aims to import and distribute famous products at the best prices to the professionals of the Greek market.

Human Resources
The achievement of the above objectives of company is dependent upon maintaining our competitive advantage by having a well trained and experienced workforce.

The single most important reason of our success and growth is because of our employees, on whom we have made major investment since the very beginning of our company.

The top level technical knowledge, the very big experience, the determination and the responsibility of our staff, combined with the flexible operational methods of organisation and the philosophy of company guarantees the optimum operation and progress of our company as well as providing a first-class service to our customers.